What is the TEFAQ exam ?

Quebec immigration requirements for French are B2 level for Listening (Oral comprehension) and Speaking (Oral expression).
Tefaq is one of the official tests you can take to evaluate your level in French.
It’s possible to take Speaking or Listening tests at a different time.

NEW ! Required waiting period between tests : If you fail a test (Oral Comprehension or Oral Expression), you must wait 1 month before returning to the test that you failed (Oral Comprehension or Oral Expression). For example: if you have failed Oral Comprehension, you do not have to wait a month to take Oral Expression, but you must wait 1 month before returning to Oral Comprehension.

Nota : When planning your exam, it is your responsibility to check if required waiting period between tests has changed (“Délai de carence”)

Period of validity of Tefaq ?

In theory (as of July 2019) it is 2 years but, Quebec Immigration can reassess your B2 level during an immigration interview. (See :  Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion may conduct an interview to verify the level of French-language proficiency attested to.”)

How many points ?

Tefaq (B2) adds 10 points to your file (Regular Skilled Worker Program; principal applicant )

_ Listening (B2) (Compréhension Orale ) : 5 points
_ Speaking (B2) (Expression Orale ) : 5 points

It is your responsibility to verify that this information is in compliance with the current law. Check official websites below

Tefaq Listening (Oral compréhension)

The Oral comprehension test is done on a computer. At the end of the test you can see the unofficial result on the screen.
The test has 60 questions and you must get (60% + 1 correct answers), that is 37 correct answers.
The slideshow below explains the  structure of the tests and types of questions.

TEFAQ Speaking (Oral Expression)

Speaking (Oral expression) is a face-to-face exam with an interviewer.
_ Section A : Phone-call simulation –  you call to get information about an ad.
_ Section B : You have to convince your friend (The interviewer) to participate in an activity.

Part A : (Formal situation)

Part B : (Casual situation)